Wedding Packages

Ceremony Only ($500 + 8% PST + 5% GST = $565): Record ceremony with two cameras and direct P.A. sound. Price includes one set of DVD & Blu-ray disks.

Basic ($1000 + 8% PST + 5% GST = $1130): Record complete ceremony and reception speeches with two cameras & direct sound from P.A. Record everything else at those two venues (eg. dance) with one camera. Edit everything down to 1 or 2 DVD disks with transitions & titles. Price includes one set of DVD & Blu-ray disks.

Special ($1500 + 8% PST + 5% GST = $1695): Includes everything from Basic package, plus more footage from before and after the ceremony (eg. preparations, pictures in the park, etc.) with a 15-minute highlights-of-the-day montage with music.

Slideshows: Minimum $125 for 5-minute slideshow, then $25 per additional minute ($20 per minute if pictures are supplied in digital form).

For weddings outside the Swan Valley, travel & (possibly) accommodation expenses will be added.

Contact me for prices on corporate promotions & other event videography.

If you would like to order one of my videos, please contact me directly here.
I have graduations plus numerous other events going back since the start of Last Minute Productions in 2002.

To send a payment using Paypal, just go to this page, enter my email ( in the first box, your email in the second box, the total amount in the third box.  Then click on "Continue" and finish the transaction.